Installing An Earth Mat South Africa

Here are some tips and questions to ask when you are thinking of installing an earth mat in South Africa, or if you are facing some earthing problems with an existing building that may need an earth mat in South Africa.


1. Every Earth Mat will have different requirements

It’s better to get an expert to take a look at your situation before you do anything. This could lead to you saving a lot of money down the line as if you go ahead with an installation without a proper design, you will have an installation that does not solve your solution and you are back to square one with a large and expensive mistake that you will have to take out the ground or have to add additional requirements before it becomes certifiable.


2. Will it need to be certified?

if that answer is yes, then consult an expert. We have engineers that will be able to give you advice, click here to set up an appointment.


Earth Mat South Africa, Power Quality Company
Installing an earth mat in South Africa, Power Quality Company


3. Do you know the resistivity of the ground that it needs to be installed in?

Installing an earth mat in South Africa comes down to knowing the resistivity, and that will give you the data you need to design a compliant earth mat design. Click here to set up an appointment where we can test your soil resistivity for you. This will give you a good idea of what kind of earth mat you need to install, the exact dimensions, and whether you will need drilling or not.


4. Will you need a drill rig?

Unfortunately, I will have to give you an answer not many like to hear, which is “it depends”. How compact is your ground? How rocky is the area is and How resistive is the ground? it all matters.


There are so many variables that it’s hard to give straightforward advice. The best thing you can do is describe your situation to us on the phone and let us give you the best advice possible for your situation. Click here to speak to one of our engineers, and get an expert to help you sor out your earth mat problems.