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ELPA Accredited installer, Power Quality
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We Make Sure Your System Works When You Need It To

What Could Go Wrong?

Your Structure Could Take A Strike

And when that happens we need to make sure that the event is dealt with in the safest way which will minimises your risk and keep you safe. 



With an up-to-date certificate, you know that you will be safe when it matters most. 

Corrosion Earthing, Power Quality


Although your system may have been compliant in the past, time and nature may have affected your system negatively. Our planned maintenance will ensure your site is still compliant and can address you corrosion risks when it needs to. 


The cost of not remaining compliant can lead to loss of life on-site, therefore we highly recommend regular maintenance tests and inspections.


An unfortunate reality that we have to deal with. 

Due to the integrated nature of earthing and lightning protection systems, one earth conductor missing may be the difference between compliance and a significant site hazard or injuries and losses. 

Make sure your site is compliant and lightning risk-free year-round. 

Other Risks Include

  • Damage to the earthing and lightning protection system
  • Change to structure surroundings
  • Additions to the structure or site that may change the risk profile
  • Modifications to the existing systems that introduce risk
  • Contents and use of the building being changed which changes its risk profile and lightning protection requirements
  • Updated standards improve performance and safety leaving the building requiring re-evaluation

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