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Earthing Mats South Africa

Earthing Mats South Africa

Earth Mats South Africa : Before we begin, lets just state that there are earth mats and earth mats, the first a small electrode systems installed as component part of type A earth termination systems for static, RF, or LP applications. The second earth mat referred to above is the one associated with sub stations, those large blocks of steel found on the sides of roads in our suburbs where the transmitted high voltage is transformed to low voltage domestically useable electrical energy suitable for reticulation over low voltage networks to our homes, class rooms, shops, offices and factories, etc.

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Power Quality Company

A World Free Of Lightning Damage

Power Quality is striving to see a world free of lightning damage through the education of people and practitioners engaged in installation of engineered LP systems. Starting back in 1991 we found a major lack of understanding of lightning protection in the marketplace, and so we have since then educated thousands of engineers, electricians, and managers in the fundamentals of earthing & lightning protection which helped forge the LP industry you see today.  Our CEO is the founding chairman of the Earthing and Lightning Protection Association which aims at establishing standards and certification of understanding and application of LP across South Africa and beyond to further our continuous mission of a world free of lightning damage.

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