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Accredited 1 Day Seminar Worth 1 CPD Points

Over 30 years of experience condensed into 1 day.

This is the most eye-opening experience that covers earthing and lightning protection in the world.

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  • About 240,000 incidents regarding lightning strikes happen globally each year, according to National Geographic
  • 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability.
  • Become aware of the risks and how to manage them 

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Build to Protect. A Blueprint For Architects.

Build with lightning in mind to help meet your standards of care.

A set of 4 half day seminars are on offer to address lightning

protection at design phase. Each level offers CPD points and we

recommend that you try and attend all 4 levels to gain the most out of

the information available on this subject.


The course will guide you through the requirements and address the

practical implemention of the codes of practice.


Arhitects have a proffessional responsibilty to ensure that the

customers work is perfomed to standards with the utmost care.


Clients need to ensure that safety and wearther reslience is addressed

in design phase. When you consider all the factors involved in desiging

to meet the highest stardards does it not make sense to include

lightning protection in this persuit.


The hazards of lightning or often overlooked.


Ligthtning is responsible for millions in homeowners insurance claims

annually. The costs of non residential lightning incidents are much

higher including surge, structural and fire losses. A single lightning

strike can carry millions of volts of energy compared to the electrical

current of 240 volts that the equipment is built for.


These claims can be eleiminated by installing compliance systems.


Build to protect and reduce risk of damage due to lightning damage.


The codes of practice set guidelines and standard to address this



By addressing this at initial stages offers a level of quality

superiority and value assurance.


Lightning protection systems has become increasingly important as

businesses and planners continue to emphasize sustainable apoproaches to

desgn and construction. In a era where technology delivery methods and

construction science are velovinbg at such a fast pace. specifying the

lightning protection system is part of a best practice risk management



Reasons to consider and LPS system at design phase

In an increasingly electronic reliant society vulnerablity to this

manageble risk must be ensured.


Affordability PRicing for and LPS system runs less than 1% of the value

of a strucure.


Insurance industry trends are recognising the cost reduction afforded by

compliate LPS installed.


The OSHA risk management measures for public venures must take LPS into



The tolerable risk identified by the risk assessment draws the line of

what is advised.


Structure reslience to this protential catastrophic random event should

be addressed at design phases


Surge protection as part of the LPS system is recommended for

increasingly technology advantage structures.


Find out how the inclusion of safety standards and compliant lightning

protection systems in you state of the art designs can benefit the

building environment

Who Should Attend:

Architects responsible for final design approval, designers and draughtsmen.

Why you Should Attend :

Attend this dynamic seminar by Mike Visser who has been training in this subject field for over 25 years. Be educated, entertained, and informed, up-skill your understanding of the fundamentals of this critical safety subject to improve the offering you can give your client in our hi tech electronics dependent world

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