Earthing & Lightning Protection Forensic Investigations


For compliance with SANS code of practice.

When do you need forensic investigation into your safety earthing and lightning protection systems?  The following questions will indicate the need for this service:

  1. Do you have up to-date drawings of the installed earthing systems?
  2. Do you have risk assessments to back up your lightning protection installation?
  3. Do you have yearly test results of all earthing tested and certified in accordance with SANS CoP?
  4. Do you have soil survey test results for the design of the earthing systems?
  5. Do you have a policy for monitoring corrosion of your earthing systems?
  6. Do your earth bars have legends to be detailed for easy reference?

If you answer no to any of these question we can be of service.

As the earthing system is buried below the surface it is imperative that you have documented proof of the installed systems.

Any upgrade to buildings to have the upgrade to the earthing system detailed on the drawings.

Any re-bar bonding to be illustrated on the drawings to accompany the test certificate.

All earth bars to have legends to be detailed for easy reference.

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Technical & Engineering Installation of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems