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What are we about

Power Quality has been reducing risk and loss from lightning in accordance with SANS   Codes of Practice for 27 years through the practical implementation of data gathering, risk analysis, design and certification. We have first hand experience from multiple continents and countries all over the globe and are here to offer you direct access to our experience and expertise. Our vision is a future free from lightning related death, disablement, and damage. The more people we have on board the sooner we can manifest that future together.

All lightning strikes are at the most inconvenient times.
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How does this training help your business?

  • Add depth of perspective regarding lightning protection safety and clear common misconceptions for future implementation
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection is the cornerstone of electrical safety, not being aware is a risk on its own
  • Reduce risk for loss of lives, processes, equipment, property and profit
  • Being prepared for the worst, keeps you and yours in an advantaged situation.
  • The more you in the know, the better decisions you make, the more valuable you are
  • The opportunity for self improvement which has not been available to you before
  • Reducing risk and loss is taking society forward and making the world a safer place

Leave you planned maintenance inspection and testing with the experts!
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Important Safety Tips

  • When lightning threatens, avoid being in an unsafe place
  • Stay indoors or in a vehicle
  • Avoid contact with the steel work of electrical appliances
  • Avoid contact with water pipes and fences
  • Stay away from walls where electrical wiring is present.
  • Don’t stand under trees during lightning events
  • Crouch down and keep a low profile while keeping your feet close together
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