Lightning Protection


Lightning protection is the installation of conductive systems that lead lightning current from strike points to earthing systems. This will, typically, include aesthetically acceptable horizontal conductive bars installed at roof level together with vertical finials at high points.

These are lead to an earthing system at ground level and bonded to it. On some occasions, such as structures containing flammable or explosive material a lightning protection mast together with earthing configuration may be required.

Products on offer include:

  • Conductors – horizontal or vertical, galvanized steel or aluminium
  • Fixings – clips or otherwise
  • Finials and mountings
  • Structural or reinforcement bar bonds, flexible or rigid
  • Lightning protection masts – up to twenty metres high
  • Catenary wires
  • Theft-resistant earthing components
  • Early emission streamer systems, early warning systems (lightning), surge suppression barriers


Complete range of Megger testing instrumentation


Technical & Engineering Installation of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems