Earthing science embraces methods of taking delinquent current – whether from a power supply or natural (lightning) source safely to ground. It includes providing sufficient conductive exposure of conducting elements, usually electrodes of a metallic or chemical nature to earth at sufficient depth so as to route dangerous current away from people and costly facilities.

Earthing systems should not be seen as stand-alone in any way and should always be designed as integrated with (1) power earth of any structure or facility and (2) lightning protection systems.

Products on offer include:

  • Bare (conductive electrode) cabling – all standards specified sizes
  • Insulated bonding cabling – all standards-specified sizes
  • Inflexible steel rod electrodes
  • Exothermic welding components and material
  • Metallic clamps
  • compression connectors
  • Earth bars – all configurations; high and low voltage
  • Inspection pits – concrete or PVC
  • Flexible bonds for moving structural components and machinery
  • Earthing boots for rail plant
  • Vehicle earths at fuel stations
  • PQC ConcemTM conductive cement
  • Chemical conductor consumables – chemically-activated electrodes, cathodic protection elements
  • Anti-corrosion tapes and putties
  • Theft-resistant earthing components

Complete range of Megger testing instrumentation


Technical & Engineering Installation of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems