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Are your lightning protection and earthing systems maintained? Let the experts at Power Quality take care of you.


What are we about

We provide scheduled planned maintenance testing program that will ensure your compliant lightning protection systems remain safe. These system can take damage, be subject to theft and or corrosion. The planned Maintenance Program will ensure that any problem areas are identified, highlighted, and repaired, on a consistent basis.

Power Quality was one of the original companies to provide the benefits of an ongoing inspection and testing program for these safety systems.  We have developed a long and extensive track record of success with customer satisfaction in this regard.

All lightning strikes are inconvenient and unexpected, survive and thrive through your upcoming lightning event by reducing your risk, sign up for our incredible training today.

From quality data gathering and analysis, to designing and engineering learn all the fundamentals of compliant earthing and lightning protection systems

How does this help your business?

The dangers of lightning are very real and every storm puts you at risk of taking damage, every strike presents a possible life threatening event. We ensure that you are protected, year in and year out, so that you, your team, your equipment, and your liability (moral and financial,) remain unchallenged. Ongoing inspection and maintenance ensures that corrosion, accidental damage or theft, is detected early, before increasing your risk. Get on the path to safety certainty today, click now


What Steps do we use?

Step 1

If you have any requirements or problems why not contact us today? We will get back to you to arrange a convenient time for our specialists to come out and assist you.

Step 2

We gather all the relevant data we need from your site and environment, then compile that into a risk analysis, and engineering report, with the best solution provided to ensure your compliance and safety.

Step 3

If your systems are compliant, we will update your compliance certification, if not, a budget price is provided to implement all the steps required to get your systems certified safe.

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