Health & Safety

SHE Policy

Power Quality Company (Pty ) Ltd, Specialises in the testing, design, installation and maintenance of earthing and lightning protection systems. We endeavour to provide increased safety for all people involved with our projects, while simultaneously ensuring that our staff are protected on site.

Power Quality Company (Proprietary) Limited is wholly committed to upholding the letter and the spirit of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993 in the execution of its construction work and, where the scope of works falls beyond that of the Act, to devise and implement policies and procedures that in keeping with the objectives of the Act, and to continually assess the safety and health working environment of its employees with a view to meeting new needs and improving existing policies and procedures. Power Quality Company upholds the sanctity of its employees in terms of their health and their right to work in a safe, health-protective environment. Power Quality Company (Pty) Ltd. recognises that it has impact on the safety and health of its employees. The company will identify health and safety hazards and reduce risk to employees and other persons associated with all our business activities.

  • Power Quality Company (Pty) Ltd. commits to applying best practice in health and safety management and sets the following objectives:
  • To ensure compliance with all local, national and international laws, regulations and standards applicable to its business.
  • To set specific objectives for managing health and safety.
  • To monitor and report on health and safety objectives by including health and safety targets in the Key Performance Indicators.
  • To review health and safety targets annually to ensure appropriateness and enable continuous improvement.
  • To document, implement and maintain this policy and ensure that it is communicated to all employees with the intent that employees are made aware of their individual health and safety responsibilities.┬ĚTo make this policy available to interested and affected parties by displaying it publicly in key areas.
  • To review this policy annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to The Power Quality Company (Pty) Ltd.
  • To report on health and safety matters in the Annual Report.

SHE Policy

  • Power Quality Company is committed to adhering diligently to the letter and the spirit of all codes of practice as they may apply to the full scope its activities as well as to those laws, policies and and guidelines emanating from legislative, health and safety, human and consumer rights and fiscal governance authorities.
  • Power Quality Company recognizes the vital necessity of this to the process of delivering high quality service, products and structures to its clients whilst remaining aware of the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and the public at large in order to achieve the best possible success in its activities.
  • Power Quality Company is committed to undertaking a continuous programme of review, improvement and development of its Quality Policy and objectives through quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement.
  • Power Quality Company undertakes to communicate these principles to its employees at every level, initially and as they may, from time to time, change.



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