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The aim of this course is to increase the awareness of, and importance of, correct earthing and lightning protection practices to ensure the safety of personnel, plant, structures, processes and equipment under all conditions, At the same time, to raise awareness of the codes of practice that govern the design and installation of earthing and LP systems. This course looks at these issues from a fresh yet practical perspective which enables you to reduce down time on your plant through correct application of these principles.

From data gathering and risk determination, to designing and engineering, learn the ins and outs of earthing and lightning protection

Attend and gain practical insights into:

The science of earthing, and the art of lightning protection
The codes of practice that govern the installation and maintenance of safety earthing and lightning protection systems in South Africa.
Code requirements to implement correct, compliant earthing systems, different earthing system requirements, principal design considerations, and methods of meeting system requirements.
The key is safety to protect: personnel, plant and equipment during earth fault, or lightning strike conditions.
Gain a new understanding of information required to design, install, test, and maintain correct earthing and lightning protection systems according to the SANS codes of practice.


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Tips from the professionals

Having experts on your team install, inspect, test, and certify your earthing and lightning protection systems is what makes the difference. Earthing and Lightning Protection are sciences. By ensuring that the correct installation, inspection, testing methods and procedures are used, we ensure that safety is maintained wherever and whenever you need us.

-(ELPA) Earthing & Lightning Protection Association founding chairman Mike Visser

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